Set Pieces Helped the Bulls to Beat FK Jablonec

First training camp. Friendly game. FC Krasnodar 2-1 FK Jablonec

FC Krasnodar 2-1 (1-1) FK Jablonec

Goals: Fernandes, 29 (1-0), Krob, 32 (1-1), Berg, 57 penalty kick (2-1).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov (Kritsyuk, 46), Ramírez (Ivashin, 46), Sorokin (Fjóluson, 46), Martynovich (Martynov, 46), Petrov (Stotsky, 46), Gazinsky (Chernikov, 46), Vilhena (Olsson, 46), Sergeyev (Khalnazarov, 46), Fernandes (Kutovoy, 46), Suleymanov (Utkin, 46), Ari (Berg, 46).

FK Jablonec: Hrubý, Jugas, Sykora (Acosta, 89), Kubista (Hübschman, 60), Plechatý, Považanec (Hämäläinen, 73), Pleštil (Jovović, 60), Krob, Holík, Matoušek (Chramosta, 18), Doležal (Pilík, 60).

Yellow cards: none.

Referees: Jose Daniel, Aguilar Sánchez, Infante Manzano (all Spain).

26 January 2020. Spain. Marbella. Marbella Football Center. Clear. 15 degrees. 50 spectators.

A scrimmage against FK Jablonec was meant to conclude the first training camp program of FC Krasnodar. The game itself proved to be difficult, but ultimately the black-greens achieved a hard-won victory over the Czech team, the third one at the moment in the standings of their Fortuna liga.

FK Jablonec attacked more dangerously early in the game. Matvei Safonov was forced to save his team after the shots taken by Sykora and Matoušek. Then, fortunately for the Bulls, finishing attempts by Doležal and that same Matoušek missed the target. And yet, it was the Krasnodar team that scored an opener. On the 28th minute efficient teamwork on behalf of Sergeyev and Manuel Fernandes resulted in a free kick ordered twenty meters away from the goal. The Portuguese halfback personally shot the ball bending it over the defensive wall and made it enter the net, unreachable to the goalie.

The team led by Petr Rada scored an equalizer almost immediately. Those were the second chance points again, speaking in basketball terms, when Jan Krob won the second ball and fired the pigskin between Safonov’s gloves with a mighty salvo under the crossbar.

The Bulls changed their lineup completely after the half-time and, the way it had happened in a scrimmage against Dinamo București, seized the initiative. The pressing unleashed by FC Krasnodar made the defensive line of the Czech club commit mistakes that resulted in some scoring chances. One of them was used in full. Chernikov made a raid to the opposite box through the centre and earned a penalty kick, while Marcus Berg was the one to take a flawless shot from eleven meters under the crossbar.