Fan Zone

Disabled fans on FC Krasnodar Stadium


Special sectors at the bottom tier of the stadium were made available for the limited mobility supporters, i.e. the space between tiers in the sectors 101 and 124 and top rows of the sector 101.

180 parking spaces at the parking area on Generala Trosheva street were allocated for the private transport of the supporters with disabilities. On matchdays special vehicles travel back and forth from this parking area delivering the limited mobility supporters and their attendants directly to the places in the stands.

Limited mobility supporters arriving to the stadium by means of public conveyances are delivered to the stands by the special vehicles from the rendezvous point next to the stadium’s Gate 16 (both locations are marked at the map below).


1) In order to attend all Russian Premier League matches, you have to provide the Club officer in charge of the limited mobility supporters with all the documents before the season begins. The a/m officer watches your season pass attendance in the course of the year, and the Club is entitled to refuse to extend your season pass if the attendance is below 60 percent.

2) The Club is entitled to refuse to provide new limited mobility supporters with season pass/tickets if the quota is filled (350 seats at the stadium, including 50 (25+25) seats for wheelchair supporters).

3) Regular stadium attendees have a priority in receiving/buying tickets for the UEFA competition games.

4) Separate requests for the top matches shall be submitted in advance (no later than two weeks before the match in question). These requests are considered only if seats are available (please see no. 2 above).

5) A limited mobility supporter is entitled to buy tickets/season pass on a general basis and request the Club to provide him/her with a transfer to the stadium bowl by means of special transport. The a/m request shall be submitted in writing and no later than one week before the match in question.


Limited mobility supporters, including those moving on wheelchairs, are able to travel to the stadium by means of trolley bus route 11. The route starts at the Sennoi Rynok station.

The timetable for the low-floor transport in Krasnodar is available for inquiring at the unified dispatcher service phone No. 861 262-51-15 and on the website of the city passenger transport of the Krasnodar Trolley Bus and Tram Administration (MUP KTTU).


Free-of-charge season passes to the FC Krasnodar home fixtures are granted to:

  • persons disabled from childhood (up to 18-year-olds inclusive);
  • disables persons of groups I and II;
  • veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Standard season passes with a 20 percent discount or VIP season passes with 10 percent discount are granted to:

  • disables persons of group III;
  • war veterans, army veterans, labor veterans, Chernobyl liquidators, pensioners.

Limited mobility people relations specialist
+7 928 416-81-71

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