History of FC Krasnodar Academy

- We aim that in a few years more than half of FC Krasnodar first team is comprised of the pupils of our Reserve Training Centre, Sergey Nikolayevich Galitsky, FC Krasnodar founder and owner, mentioned.

In order to reach this goal a youth sports school was established with the Club on 31 March 2008. Vladimir Shevelev, who was a scouting coach of the first team at that time, became the head of a new structure. Creation of the training process methodology was based on the international experience towards reserve training of the largest European and Russian football schools.

On August 9th the first special class was opened that enrolled boys born in 1996. Since that time the training of the young Bulls began. As for now the teams of ten different ages are trained in the centre, and enrollments for the teams of younger ages have been going on every year.

On 12 May 2009 Oleg Kubashov became the Director of the Reserve Training Centre while Vladimir Shevelev was made the head of the coach scouting service.

In April 2010 the first branches of the Academy were opened. At the same time the Serbian specialist Alexander Marjanović was appointed as the Head Coach of the Academy.

In September 2011 Aram Fundukyan became the Director of the Academy.