Not a Boring Scrimmage with Three PKs, Five Goals and a Comeback Victory of the Away Team

Exhibition game. FC Krasnodar – FC Chernomorets (Novorossiysk) – 2:3

FC Krasnodar – FC Chernomorets (Novorossiysk) – 2:3 (1:1)

Goals: Mamayev, 27 (Kaleshin, 1:0), Borozdin, 43 (1:1), Wánderson, 75, penalty kick (2:1), Komlichenko, penalty kick (2:2), Reshetnikov, 90+1 (free kick, 2:3).

Missed penalty kick: Kochubei, 37 (goalkeeper).

FC Krasnodar: Dykan (Sinitsyn, 28), Kaleshin (Novak, 28), Sklyar, Nazarov, Kuzmichyov (Luzin, 63), Fomin, Adzhindzhal (Cherchesov, 76), Pereyra (Bystrov, 28), Mamayev (Laborde, 28), Izmailov (Ageyev, 76), Ari (Wánderson, 28).

FC Krasnodar (Novorossiysk): Puzin (Rudenko, 46), Pulyayev (Gorelov, 67), Marchenko (Akhmedzhanov, 79), Shakhov (Alibegashvili, 63), Abramov, Kornilov, Kochubei (Mednikov, 63), Borozdin, Zakharchenko (Lusikyan, 25), Shevchenko (Boyarintsev, 63), Komlichenko (Reshetnikov, 79).

Yellow cards: Nazarov, 77 (unsporting behavior) – Pulyayev, 35 (attack breakdown).

Referees: Anisimov, Doroshenko, Lyapalo (all Krasnodar).

29 March. Krasnodar. FC Krasnodar Academy Stadium. Cloudy. 14 degrees. 600 spectators.

With a friendly game vs. FC Chernomorets Novorossiysk, one of the leaders of the South Zone in Russian Second Division, FC Krasnodar filled the pause occurred in the playing schedule of the team due to the fixtures of the national teams. It is clear that in this clash the black-greens could not count on the players summoned to their national squads. With almost all of the defensive players of the Bulls gone, Kaleshin was accompanied in the starting lineup by young Kuzmichyov, Sklyar and Nazarov. Apart from them, another pupil of the Club Academy, Fomin made a start in the game for FC Krasnodar finding himself in the position of a defensive halfback. 

The Bulls scored an opener on the 27th minute after a sweeping attack that was finalized in Kaleshin providing Pavel Mamayev with a ball and the latter making a precise shot from a short distance past the keeper. Immediately after that a group of players including both joint authors of the goal, Pereyra, Ari and Dykan, were substituted for Laborde, Bystrov, Wánderson, young Novak and Sinitsyn the keeper. On the 37th minute the latter brilliantly parried a penalty shot taken by Kochubei. However, shortly before the half-time the away team took advantage of the coordination lack between the young defenders of FC Krasnodar and scored an equalizer when Igor Borozdin made a classy shot on the run sending the ball bouncing from the goalpost into the net.

In the second half the black-greens took the lead again after a penalty kick that was earned by Laborde and executed neatly by Francisco Wánderson. Immediately after that Izmailov and Adzhindzhal were changed for young Ageyev and Cherchesov on the pitch, so FC Krasnodar basically finished this match as a U-21 team. In the end, more experienced players from Novorossiysk were able to snatch the victory away.

Another PK into the home team’s goal was sequent to Nazarov interrupting the flank low cross with his hand within FC Krasnodar penalty area. This time Nikolay Komlichenko, FC Krasnodar player loaned by the Sailors, approached the penalty spot and sent the ball into the bottom corner of the net. As late as in the injury time Leonid Reshetnikov managed an ideally precise shot from a free kick with the ball piercing the net tightly alongside the goalpost of Sinitsyn’s domain.