The Bulls are Back!

FC Krasnodar came back from the holidays and switched to work again without delay (text + photo + video)

On 19 January the longest winter vacations the Bulls had ever had in the Premier League came to an end after 38 days of leisure time.

As early as at 8:30 AM the football players and coaches gathered at Chetuk training ground. Smiles, laughter, lively communication, belated congratulations with the holidays, stories of the vacations spent – all of this was in abundance. The Club training ground and its staff had enough time to miss the team, and the players themselves were glad to see each other after staying away for more than a month.

But as they say, business before pleasure. The first business of any preseason preparation is the medical examination, so the Bulls immediately got occupied with it after reading the roster posted at the bulletin board dividing the team into two groups. The first one stayed at the training ground to take the medical tests, while the second one went to the city to get examined by the Yekaterininskaya clinic specialists.

The roster lacked two last names, Akhmedov and Shirokov. The former keeps fighting with his Uzbekistan national team for the AFC Asian Cup in Australia far away; on 22 January, the day when FC Krasnodar is to leave for UEA training camp, Odil and his partners will be taking the field in Melbourne to compete for the semi-final qualification with South Korea national team. Meanwhile, Roman already passed the medical examination last week just before he signed the personal contract with the black-greens.

The only injured player with the Bulls is defender Artur Jędrzejczyk. After undertaking an operation in December his leg was placed into a special orthopedic device, but the Polish player was not showing any sign of being depressed; the principal merry fellow of the team beamed with optimism and unfailing good spirits as usual. When asked a question if he got to dance on the New Year night Artur made a cunning smile and answered “Just a bit”.

Jędrzejczyk is to fly to the Emirates along with his teammates and resume the recovery process under the surveillance of the Club medical service. Also, two interns of the Club Academy will be traveling to Dubai, namely midfielders Oleg Lanin and Aleksandr Ageyev. They are both 18 years old and can boast appearances for the Bulls’ first team in the Russian Cup while Ageyev, what’s more, was able to mark himself with a goal scored against FC Sokol Saratov last year. 24-year-old defender Sergei Terekhov belonging to FC Volgar Astrakhan will be also training with FC Krasnodar in UAE. Under an agreement with this club from Football National League (FNL) he is to take part in the training camp with FC Krasnodar trying to impress the Head Coach of the black-greens Oleg Kononov and his backroom.

That is to say, the coaching staff of the Bulls switched to work while lacking some if its members, since Assistant Coach Oleg Fomenko soon after the New Year got occupied with his Pro category courses at the Coach Academy, so he is to join the team during the training camp, on 26 January roughly. As for his counterpart, another Assistant Coach Andrei Tikhonov, in the end of December, 2014, he successfully received mentioned Pro category (giving us a reason to congratulate him on behalf of the whole Club), so right now he will be giving a practical application of the new knowledge he got at the Academy.

The first training session this year started at 3:00 PM. The session, which was introductory in character and lasted a bit more than an hour, was observed with interest by… Márcio Abreu.  An unbending fighter and a favorite of the black-green supporters, last year he made a decision to finish his professional football player career. Right now he arrived from Portugal to visit his friends and former teammates of the Club the colors he successfully defended for three years and a half, from beginning of 2011 till the middle of 2014.

We propose you to watch the video about the first training day of the Bulls after the holidays, and also don’t miss a small photo report that illustrates what was happening at Chetuk on 19 January.

Tomorrow, on 20 January, the team will be working the same schedule as today, the only difference being that the groups of players will be switched in accordance with the places where they are undergoing medical exams.  

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