Ari Made FC Krasnodar’s Best Player for November

The Brazilian player won a traditional survey at the Club website

From the morning of 2 December till 15:00 (MSK) of 5 December, a survey took place at the FC Krasnodar’s official website to determine team’s best player in the matches of November 2014. Now it is time to make a summary.

800 visitors of the web portal took part in the survey. According to their voting the 3rd place should be given to goalkeeper Andrei Dykan with 12 % of the total votes. Attacking halfback Joãozinho became second with 14 % of the voters choosing him. Finally, striker Ari was declared the Player of the Month by the supporters as he occupied a confident first place with 24 % of the votes.

We thank everyone who assisted in choosing the Player of the Month! We congratulate Ari and the other runners-up of the last month of autumn and wish them to show their best in the two very hard fixtures that remain in 2014 and assist the team in achieving good results.