FC Krasnodar Broke Their Winning Streak

Third training camp. Friendly game. FC Krasnodar 2-3 Sarpsborg 08 FF

FC Krasnodar 2-3 (1-2) Sarpsborg 08 FF

Goals: Ionov (Wanderson), 15 (1-0), Lindseth (Salétros), 17 (1-1), Lindseth (Thomassen), 33 (1:2), Maigaard, 53 (1-3), Ilyin (Krivtsov) 64 (2-3).  

FC Krasnodar: Agkatsev, Volkov, Sorokin, Martynovich, Ramírez (Petrov, 46), Yakimov (Manelov, 65), Spertsyan (Krivtsov, 46), Ionov (Claesson, 77), Krychowiak (Chernikov, 46), Wabderson (Reykhmen, 46), Ilyin (Botheim, 77).

Sarpsborg 08 Fotballforening (Norway): Kristiansen, Horn (Ødegaard, 61), Utvik (Næss, 61), Thomassen (Skipper, 61), Halvorsen (Mendy, 77), Lindseth (Mjekiqi, 77), Molins (Muhammed, 61), Salétros (Camara, 77), Maigaard (Soltvedt, 71), Ngouali (Opseth, 61), Skålevik.

Yellow/red cards: none.

Referees: Marin, Ruiz, Ramirez (all Spain).

15 February 2022. Spain. Marbella. Marbella Football Center. Sunny. 16 degrees.

The black-greens began the scrimmage against Sarpsborg 08 FF with an avalanche of scoring chances. Over the course of the first 14 minutes, FC Krasnodar could have scored three times, but Kristiansen coped with two shots taken by Spertsyan, and Ramírez sent the ball over the crossbar after a pass from Ilyin. An opener was finally scored on the 15th minute. Wanderson broke through the Norwegian defense along the right flank and rolled the pigskin to Ionov. The latter did not miss the undefended part of the goal.

The Bulls went on playing with advantage, but they shipped two goals before the interval. Sarpsborg did skillfully use their limited chances. It was Lindseth who met a pass at the 6-yard line at first, and then he was also the one to win the ball in an aerial duel.

The situation became super difficult for FC Krasnodar on the 53rd minute. Maigaard won the ball back from Martynovich and shot it past Agkatsev at point-blank range. The Krasnodar players rushed forward again, but they managed to shorten the gap only. Ilyin reacted to a low cross from Krivtsov who had efficiently entered the empty area through the half-space. Chernikov had the best chance to deliver his teammates a comeback tie at the death, but he missed the ball at the far post after a corner kick combination. As a result, the Bulls lost to Sarpsborg 08 and broke their winning streak after four won games.