A Comeback Win at the End of the 2nd Training Camp

Second training camp. Friendly game. FC Krasnodar 2-1 BK Häcken

FC Krasnodar 2-1 (0-1) BK Häcken

Goals: Bengtsson, 35 (0-1), Spertsyan, 69 (1-1), Claesson, 90 (2-1).

Missed penalty kicks: Traoré, 35 (goalkeeper), Spertsyan, 90 (goalkeeper).

FC Krasnodar: Agkatsev, Ramírez, Kaio (Martynovich, 46), Alonso (Borodin, 46), Petrov (Volkov, 46), Krychowiak, Spertsyan, Cabella (Manelov, 71, Reykhmen, 79), Ionov (Yakimov, 46), Wanderson (Claesson, 46), Ilyin (Botheim, 46).

Bollklubben Häcken (Gothenburg, Sweden): Abrahamsson, Tebo Uchenna (Hammar, 60), Hovland (Adjoumani, 46), Totland (Trpcevski, 46), Lund (Carlsson, 60), Rygaard (Heintz, 60), Berggren (Faltsetas, 46), Bengtsson (Fridriksson, 46), Amane (Traoré, 82, Milovanovic, 86), Uddenäs (Tuominen, 46), Bénie Traoré (Lagerlund, 46).

Yellow cards: Kaio, 33 – Carlsson, 68, Hammar, 76.

Удаление: Carlsson, 89.

Referees: Hagen, Bashevkin, Dahle (all Spain).

6 February 2022. Spain. Marbella. Dama de Noche. Scattered clouds. 16 degrees.

The Bulls completed their second winter training camp with a scrimmage against BK Häcken. In the first half the black-greens did not pose too much threat to the goal guarded by Abrahamsson. As for the opposite side, the Wasps did make good use of their only chance. Traoré won the race against Kaio in a quick attack, and a desperate sliding tackle of a defender at the door of the penalty area was considered a foul by the referee. Agkatsev actually coped with Traoré’s shot from the penalty spot, but Bengtsson won the second ball in time and finished it.

In the second half the team managed by Daniel Farke improved ball control and started to get prospective situations way more often. Two set pieces earned by Viktor Claesson helped the Bulls to turn the score around. On the 69th minute Spertsyan sent the ball into the near top corner of the net from a free kick. At the death he was the one to fail a penalty kick, but Claesson netted it anyway and delivered the Bulls their comeback win.