FC Krasnodar Eliminated from the Russian Cup

2021-22 Betcity Russian Cup. Group 1. MD 3. PFC Kuban Krasnodar 3-0 FC Krasnodar

PFC Kuban Krasnodar 3-0 (2-0) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Lauk, 6, Aleynikov (Lauk), 23, Lauk (Bezdenezhnykh), 63.

PFC Kuban Krasnodar: Klimovich, Sidorov, Ediyev, Gritsayenko, Gurfov (Kozlov, 64, Klimov, 90+2), Takazov, Gigolayev, Lauk (Sarkisov, 64), Aleynikov (Sušić, 80), Bezdenezhnykh, Ilya Petrov (Dyshekov, 80).

FC Krasnodar: Agkatsev, Vilhena, Sorokin, Spajić, Sergei Petrov (Ramírez, 46, Kornyushin, 52), Chernikov (Córdoba, 69), Stotsky (Spertsyan, 46), Krivtsov, Ionov (Claesson, 46), Cabella, Ilyin.

Yellow cards: Aleynikov, 61, Sarkisov, 65 – Vilhena, 2, Chernikov, 67.

Red card: Cabella, 51.

Referees: Turbin (Dmitrov), Cheltsov (Moscow), Kuzhelev (Saint Petersburg).

27 October 2021. Krasnodar. Kuban Stadium. 6 degrees. Clear.

The first half of the derby proved unsuccessful for FC Krasnodar. With like a quarter of the whole game played, the black-greens had already shipped two goals that resulted from their mistakes in transition from defense to attack. At first, Lauk exploited a deflected ball sending it into the far corner of the net. Then Aleynikov threw the pigskin over Agkatsev with a shot from thirty-five meters that made it follow a crazy path. In a couple of more dangerous situtatiuons the Krasnodar keeper saved his team. The Bulls were not completely toothless though. On the 33rd minute Klimovich had to enter the game seriously after a nasty shot from Ilyin.

All attempts on behalf of the Bulls to make a difference after the interval proved equally unsuccessful. On the 51st minute Cabella was sent off because of a desperate foul. Finally, on the 63rd minute Lauk made the score big in a well-done counterattack. As a result, after this loss to PFC Kuban the black-greens have been effectively eliminated from the 2021-22 Betcity Russian Cup.

 PFC Kuban Krasnodar 3-0 FC Krasnodar

73 (22) Attacks (quick attacks) 96 (6)
11 Total shots 17
Blocked shots 8
Shots on goal 3
Woodwork 0
10 Scoring chances 4
94 Won duels 79
32% Ball possession 68%
194 (71%) Completed passes (accuracy) 575 (87%)
1 Corner kicks 9
Offsides 3
17 Fouls 14