The Bulls Beat FC Rubin with Goals by Córdoba and Ilyin

Friendly game. FC Krasnodar 2-1 FC Rubin Kazan

FC Krasnodar 2-1 (0-1) FC Rubin Kazan

Goals: I. Ignatyev, 45 (0-1), Córdoba (Sorokin), 56 (1-1), Ilyin (Córdoba), 63 (2-1).

FC Krasnodar: Gorodov, Vilhena, Sorokin, Kaio, Ramírez, Chernikov, Stotsky, Polyakh (Oznobikhin, 57), Samko (Bogdanets, 70), Ilyin, Córdoba.

FC Rubin Kazan: Medvedev (Ismagilov, 46), Zotov, Belorusov, Nizhegorodov (Kamilov, 55), V. Ignatyev (Radzhabov, 61), Abildgaard, Dreyer, S. Bakayev, Onugkha, I. Ignatyev, Fattakhov.

Referees: Koshko, Onopriyenko (both Krasnodar), Zaytsev (Timashevsk).

Yellow cards: Polyakh, 41, Stotsky, 81 – Onugkha, 54.

9 October 2021. Krasnodar. FC Krasnodar Academy Stadium. Sunny. 14 degrees.

The October break due to international matches was filled by FC Krasnodar with a scrimmage against FC Rubin Kazan, the way it had been done one month prior. Naturally, the squads fielded by both sides were far from the best possible, since the players who had departed to their national teams were replaced with their younger teammates.

During the first half the Bulls created a lot of prospective chances for an opener, but only one shot of many turned out to be truly dangerous. On the 40th minute Córdoba fired a screamer from the 6-yard line after a cross from Stotsky, but Medvedev saved the visitors. Then on the 45th minute the Red-Greens suddenly made the score one-nil. It was Ivan Ignatyev who finally cornered the ball that had bounced from the upper vee of Gorodov’s goal.

The playing advantage of the black-greens increased after the interval, and they produced a powerful period midway through the second half that turned the score around. On the 56th minute Córdoba shot the ball on target next to the left goalpost after a sharp pass from Sorokin. Seven minutes later the Colombian player made an assist of his own that went to Ilyin who accurately fired the pigskin next to the goalpost on the right.

In the time that remained Stotsky, Bogdanets, and that same Córdoba could have scored again on numerous occasions, but the score did not change. As a result, FC Krasnodar has achieved their third consecutive win over FC Rubin in the last six weeks.