PFC Sochi Smashed with Nine Krasnodar Players Remaining at the Death

Tinkoff Russian Premier League 2021/22. MD 9. FC Krasnodar 3-0 PFC Sochi

FC Krasnodar 3-0 (2-0) PFC Sochi 

Goals: Spertsyan (Córdoba), 3, Cabella (Krychowiak), 21, Krychowiak, 64 (penalty kick)

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Vilhena, Kaio, Spajić, Ramírez, Chernikov, Krychowiak, Spertsyan (Krivtsov, 90+6), Claesson (Sorokin, 43), Cabella, Córdoba (Ionov, 74).

PFC Sochi: Dzhanayev, Terekhov, Barać (Vorobyov, 73), Rodrigão (Yurganov, 46), Prokhin, Margasov (Zaika, 73), Tsallagov, Noboa, Yusupov (Joãozinho, 73), Popov (Burmistrov, 28), Cassierra.

Yellow cards: Claesson, 34, Chernikov, 54 – Rodrigão, 44, Burmistrov, 45+1, Prokhin, 84, Yurganov, 88.

Red cards: Spajić, 39, Chernikov, 75.

Referess: Panin (Dmitrov), Usachev, Petrosyan (both Rostov-on-Don).

VAR: Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg), Bolotenkov (Moscow).

26 September 2021. Krasnodar. FC Krasnodar Stadium. Cloudy, occasional rain. 17 degrees.

Supporters have returned to the stands of FC Krasnodar Stadium for the game with PFC Sochi. It was permitted for spectators to fill the football arena to one-third capacity on condition they were bearing a QR code that proved their vaccination or endured COVID-19. The emotions unleashed in the stands allowed the Bulls to produce their most explosive first half so far this season.

The black-greens made their fans ecstatic early on the 3rd minute. Córdoba knocked over an opponent with a feint and rolled the ball to Spertsyan who then dashed into the box beating Rodrigão and shooting the pigskin past the goalie. The Krasnodar side went on pushing forward as they intercepted one ball after another in the midfield. Dzhanayev soon had to display his top skills in order to get through the one-on-one situations with Claesson and Córdoba. His feats did not save the Leopards from further trouble though.

“Minute twenty-one, a supercross from Krychowiak to Cabella, a short pause, dribbling, and a shot that sends the ball next to the far post.” This wording was given to the second goal of the home team via the teletype. FC Krasnodar could have scored the third one very soon, but Dzhanayev managed to neutralize another rendezvous next to his goal, with Córdoba this time.

The key negative episode of the first half took place on the 36th minute. Spajić fouled against Cassierra, the VAR intervened, and Panin the ref showed the Krasnodar centre-back a direct red card for a desperate foul.

Even with a man down the Krasnodar side went on acting aggressively in attack. Early in the second half, they displayed some powerful period of activity on the pitch as they locked the visitors up in their defensive third. On the 62nd minute the Leopards came close to punishing the black-greens in a counterattack. Safonov and Kaio were forced to save their team, but a subsequent riposte of Viktar Hancharenka’s Bulls resulted in a scored goal. Spertsyan beat Prokhin, and the latter grabbed the Krasnodar Academy cadet by his hand. In a few minutes Krychowiak executed a rather evident penalty kick.

On the 75th minute only nine players were left on the Krasnodar side since Chernikov had been sent off for the second yellow card. Fifteen minutes of dedicated and selfless defending kept the 3-0 in favor of the home team on the scoreboard unchanged. The black-greens thus achieved a big win over PFC Sochi after spending the most part of the match at numerical disadvantage.

FC Krasnodar 3-0 PFC Sochi

84 (14) Attacks (quick attacks) 84 (8)
17 Total shots 16
Blocked shots 3
Shots on goal 4
Woodwork 1
13 Scoring chances 5
70 Won duels 64
54% Ball possession 46%
332 (83%) Completed passes (accuracy) 345 (82%)
4 Corner kicks 9
Offsides 0
10 Fouls 14