FC Krasnodar Lost to FC Lokomotiv in Moscow

Tinkoff Russian Premier League 2021/22. MD 5. FC Lokomotiv Moscow 2-1 FC Krasnodar

FC Lokomotiv Moscow 2-1 (2-0) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Smolov (Zhemaletdinov), 7 (1-0), Smolov (Zhemaletdinov), 33 (2-0), Córdoba (Claesson), 71 (2-1).

FC Lokomotiv Moscow: Guilherme, Rybus, Jedvaj, Magkeyev, Barinov, Rybchinsky, Kulikov, Lisakovich (Silyanov, 56), Zhemaletdinov (Tiknizyan, 69), Kamano (Pablo, 88), Smolov.

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Ramírez, Sorokin, Chernikov (Spertsyan, 67), Petrov, Gazinsky, Krychowiak, Cabella (Ilyin, 84), Claesson, Ionov (Kaio, 46), Córdoba.

Yellow cards: Lisakovich, 14, Zhemaletdinov, 39, Barinov, 76, Kulikov, 90+1 – Chernikov, 61, Cabella, 79, Gazinsky, 90+5.

Referees: Meshkov (Dmitrov), Lunev (Novosibirsk), Safyan (Moscow).

VAR: Sukhoy (Lyubertsy), Bogdanov (Vereya).

22 August 2021. Moscow. RZD Arena Stadium. Overcast. 20 degrees. 3000 spectators.

The first half of the match at the RZD Arena in Moscow did not go well for the Bulls. The shots taken by Cabella and Petrov in positional attacks came out not dangerous enough while FC Lokomotiv succeeded in executing a couple of counterattacks. Zhemaletdinov found Smolov twice in a prospective position and the ex-Krasnodar top scorer (the best in the Club history) netted in two goals against his former team.

After the interval, FC Krasnodar finally won the upper hand positionally. Conceptually high-grade low crosses from Cabella and Petrov did not reach their partners, and then Kaio hit a crossbar with a header. And yet, the black-greens managed to put the ball past Guilherme anyway. On the 71st minute a vertical pass by Gazinsky was continued with Claesson’s heel, and ultimately Córdoba won a duel with Jedvaj and sent the ball into the corner of the net.

The pressure of the Bulls became the greatest at the death, but they failed to finish the home team off. Ilyin had the best chance to score an equalizer as he could have scored with his first touch of the ball after he came in. Unfortunately for the visiting team, Magkeyev blocked the shot and denied that opportunity.

FC Lokomotiv Moscow 2-1 FC Krasnodar

63 (20) Attack (quick attacks) 113 (10)
Total shots 15
Blocked shots 6
Shots on goal 4
Woodwork 1
4 Scoring chances 8
78 Won duels 74
39% Ball possession 61%
274 (77%) Completed passes (accuracy) 540 (84%)
3 Corner kicks 10
Offsides 1
13 Fouls 10