The Bulls Scored Two Goals but Lost to FC Zenit

Tinkoff Russian Premier League 2021/22. MD 3. FC Zenit Saint Petersburg 3-2 FC Krasnodar

FC Zenit Saint Petersburg 3-2 (3-1) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Azmoun (Wendel), 10 (1-0), Córdoba (Spertsyan), 24 (1-1), Azmoun, 35 (2-1), Yerokhin (Kuzyayev), 44 (3-1), Spajić, 76 (3-2).

FC Zenit Saint Petersburg: Kerzhakov, Karavayev (Chistyakov, 81), Rakitskyi (Krugovoy, 89), Douglas Santos, Lovren, Yerokhin, Kuzyayev (Mostovoy, 88), Barrios, Wendel, Dzyuba (Sutormin, 66), Azmoun.

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Vilhena, Sorokin (Kaio, 46), Spajić, Ramírez, Chernikov (Gazinsky, 70), Krychowiak (Ilyin, 87), Cabella (Claesson, 70), Spertsyan, Ionov (Suleymanov, 70), Córdoba.

Yellow cards: Kuzyayev, 13, Wendel, 27 – Ramírez, 80,

Referees: Amelin (Tula), Mosyakin, Yeleferenko (both Moscow).

VAR: Matyunin, Shalamberidze (both Moscow).

7 August 2021. Saint Petersburg. Gazprom Arena Stadium. Overcast. 17 degrees.

The matches between FC Krasnodar and FC Zenit Saint Petersburg often go full of spectacular events, and the game staged at the Gazprom Arena today was no exception. Early on the 10th minute Azmoun converted a cutting pass from Wendel into an opener. The Bulls retaliated with Spertsyan’s splendid free kick, but the goal scored by the Krasnodar Academy-trained player was canceled since Spajić had interfered with someone in the defensive wall.

The Krasnodar side went on attacking actively and scored an equalizer. Spertsyan broke through on the right centering the ball to Córdoba inside the box. A duel with Rakitskyi followed and ended in a fine shot fired by the Colombian striker. And yet, it was the home team who were leading at half-time as Azmoun and Yerokhin had executed two quick attacks.

In the second half both Vilhena and Spertsyan had chances to shorten the gap, but their shots missed the target. On the 76th minute Spajić did not fail though. Krychowiak won an aerial duel after a corner kick, Gazinsky’s shot was blocked by Kerzhakov, and the black-green centre-back finally won the second ball and finished it.

Shapi served a cross into the penalty area at the death, but Claesson shot the ball one-touch over the crossbar. Two goals scored by the Bulls in a game against the titleholder were not enough even for a tie.

FC Zenit Saint Petersburg 3-2 FC Krasnodar

78 (12) Attacks (quick attacks) 90 (11)
Total shots 18
Blocked shots 5
Shots on goal 4
Woodwork 0
7 Scoring chances 7
81 Won duels 64
40% Ball possession 60%
308 (80%) Completed passes (accuracy) 514 (87%)
1 Corner kicks 7
Offsides 0
12 Fouls 15