The Bulls Smashed FC Ufa in the Opening Match of the Season

Tinkoff Russian Premier League 2020/21. MD 1. FC Ufa 0-3 FC Krasnodar

FC Ufa 0-3 (0-0) FC Krasnodar 

Goals: Cabella (Wanderson), 53, Cabella (Olsson), 63, Berg (Wanderson), 65.

FC Ufa»: Belenov, Jokić, Tabidze, Nikitin, Bezdenezhnykh (Folmer, 63), Nedelcearu, Carp, Golubev (Belousov, 83), Aliyev, Krotov, Agalarov.

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Ramírez, Kaio, Martynovich, Petrov (Smolnikov, 73), Gazinsky, Olsson (Matsukatov, 80), Utkin, Cabella (Suleymanov, 68), Wanderson, Berg (Kutovoy, 81).

Yellow cards: Bezdenezhnykh, 42, Jokić, 67 – Petrov, 34, Olsson, 51,

Referees: Karasev (Moscow), Demeshko (Khimki), Gavrilin (Vladimir).

VAR: Vilkov (Nizhniy Novgorod), Kobzev (Moscow).

9 August 2020. Ufa. Neftyanik Stadium. Overcast. Rain. 17 degrees. 1245 spectators

The opening game of the season surprised the Bulls with a sudden temperature change. The black-greens had traveled from “36 degrees centigrade” to “merely 17 degrees”, and the Krasnodar draught turned into an unceasing Ufa rain.

In the first half an overwhelming positional edge did not give FC Krasnodar any decisive dividend. Seventy eight percent of the ball possession resulted in a few shots from medium distance by Wanderson, Utkin and Ramírez, but FC Ufa goalie Belenov successfully coped with all threats to his domain. The best scoring chance one minute to the half-time came up with Marcus Berg thanks to an intercept by Cabella. Fortunately for the home team, that same Belenov managed to parry the shot that had bent the ball into the right corner of the net.

The second half began with two more scoring chances on behalf of Berg. At first the Swedish striker attempted a header and hit the crossbar. Then a few seconds later the Ufa keeper coped with another shot he took. On the 53rd minute FC Krasnodar had their way though. The first goal of the season turned out very spectacular as Wanderson sprinted along the right touchline and centered the ball to Rémy Cabella, who then hammered the ball into the net next to the goalpost.

It was a key episode of the game. Soon Cabella recorded a brace for himself when he shot the ball into the same sector of the goal after a super delicate pass by Olsson. Two more minutes later Wanderson made a low cross to the far post, and Marcus Berg made the score big with a slide. The Bulls have thus begun their Tinkoff Russian Premier League 2020/21 campaign with a smashing win.

 FC Ufa 0-3 FC Krasnodar

58 (13) Attacks (quick attacks) 90 (12)
Total shots 22
Blocked shots 4
Shots on goal 11
Woodwork hits 1
2 Scoring chances 7
55 Won duels 61
29% Ball possession 71%
292 (75%) Completed passes (accuracy) 761 (90%)
Corner kicks 7
Offsides 0
Fouls 17