The Bulls Tied in Samara with One Man Down

Tinkoff Russian Premier League 2019/20. MD 29. FC Krylia Sovetov 0-0 FC Krasnodar

FC Krylia Sovetov 0-0 FC Krasnodar

FC Krylia Sovetov Samara: Frolov, D. Kombarov, Lystsov, Chernov, Chicherin, Timofeyev, Anton (Kiselyov, 81), Zinkovskiy (Smirnov, 81), Glushenkov, Kabutov (Golenkov, 88), Radonjić (Popović, 58).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Ramírez, Sorokin, Kaio, Petrov, Gazinsky (Chernikov, 86), Olsson (Cabella, 68), Utkin, Fernandes (Suleymanov, 55), Wanderson, Berg (Martynovich, 86).

Yellow cards: Kabutov, 42, Timofeyev, 73 – Fernandes, 16, Petrov, 40, Utkin, 65, Ramírez, 70.

Red card: Petrov, 83 (2nd yellow card).

Referees: Moskalev (Voronezh), Kobzev (Moscow), Bereznev (Rostov-on-Don).

15 July 2020. Samara. Samara Arena Stadium. Scattered clouds. 31 degrees.

In the first half FC Krylia Sovetov succeeded in making it difficult for FC Krasnodar to play their trademark passing game thanks to hard-line defending the home team applied. They were also the ones who created the first scoring chance of the match. Radonjić arrived to a rendezvous with Safonov after a wall pass, but he missed the near corner of the net with his shot.

The Bulls retaliated with a fine two-move combination. Utkin threw Wanderson into the break-through with a penetrating pass followed by a low cross. Olsson was about to put the ball inside the empty part of the net, but Chicherin made it to the ball in time. One more chance for an opener before the half-time was granted to FC Krasnodar on the 30th minute, but the pigskin found no way across the goal-line as it was bouncing around in the goal area after a corner kick.

In the second half the Samara team went on displaying the same tenacious defensive performance. Utkin could have earned the win for the black-greens twice, but at first his finishing shot on the volley against an empty goal was not accurate enough, and then Frolov saved his team after a well-aimed shot Daniil attempted from the 16-meter line. On the 83rd minute Moskalev the ref showed second yellow card to Sergei Petrov, and that prevented the Bulls from unleashing pressure against the opposite goal at the death. As a result, the hot game tonight ended in a total shutout for both teams.