Two Braces by Sergeyev and Ari Made the Bulls Victorious

Second training camp. Friendly game. FC Krasnodar 4-3 Mjøndalen IF

FC Krasnodar 4-3 (3-1) Mjøndalen IF

Goals: Ari (Sergeyev), 6 (1-0), Sergeyev (Ari), 31 (2-0), Sergeyev (Matsukatov), 41 (3-0), Brustad, 42 (3-1), Ari (Ivashin), 52 (4-1), Thórhallsson, 73 penalty kick (4:2), Brustad, 90+1 (4:3).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Ivashin, Martynov, Stezhko, Bochko, Chernikov, Utkin, Matsukatov, Vorotnikov, Sergeyev (a tryout player, 79), Ari (Sabua, 75).

Mjøndalen IF (Norway): Thomas, Adrian Hansen (Alexander Hansen, 68), Larsen (Tjomsland, 76), Dragsnes, Sell, Solberg (Baekken, 71), Brochmann (Bamenye, 68), Brustad, Liseth (Thórhallsson, 61), Johansen, Aasmundsen (Latifu, 76).

Yellow cards: Stezhko, 64, a tryout player, 83, Bochko, 90+2 – Aasmundsen, 66.

Referees: Hagenes, Hale, Joggensen (all Norway).

7 February 2020. Spain. Marbella. Marbella Football Center. Overcast. 14 degrees. 50 spectators.

In the second scrimmage of the day FC Krasnodar second squad met Mjøndalen IF Fotbal from a town of the same name in Norway. The friendly game with the 13th team of the Eliteserien resulted in a lot of scored goals.

The first two goals were created by the Sergeyev-Ari duo. At first, the Russian Brazilian scored an opener after a low cross by his winger. Twenty five minutes later he returned the courtesy to his partner with an assist. On the 41st minute Nikita Sergeyev recorded a brace for himself (the Norwegian defense had collapsed on the right midflank) and it was going to be a smashing defeat for the Bruntrøyene, as it seemed.

This unilateral course of the game was a bit disrupted by a goal scored by Fredrik Brustad. Chernikov slipped in the midfield and the Norwegians executed a two-on-one situation in an exemplary manner. Early in the second half Ari met a smart pass by Ivashin and doubled the number of braces scored by FC Krasnodar tonight.

A comfortable lead played a dirty trick on the black-greens. In the last thirty minutes of the game they went too far losing concentration and thus conceded two unnecessary goals. Dagur Thorallsson executed a penalty kick, while late in the injury time Brustad punished the Bulls for a turnover in the defensive midfield.

One way or another, FC Krasnodar kept the win alive. The black-greens made a rare achievement having played two games in one day with the same 4-3 score. The results were the exact opposite though.