A Comeback Win in the First Match of the Year

First training camp. Friendly game. FC Krasnodar 2-1 Dinamo București

FC Krasnodar 2-1 (0-1) Dinamo București

Goals: Mrzljak, 37 (0-1), Sergeyev (Chernikov), 57 (1-1), Ari, 62 (2-1).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov (Sinitsyn, 46), Stotsky (Ivashin, 46), Fjóluson (Sorokin, 46), Martynovich (Borodin, 46), Petrov (Bochko, 46), Gazinsky (Kaio, 46), Vilhena (Chernikov, 46, Onugkha, 79), Olsson (Utkin, 46), Fernandes (Sergeyev, 46), Suleymanov (Kutovoy, 46), Berg (Ari, 46).

Dinamo București: Piscitelli (Straton, 46), Moura, Grigore, Skovajsa, N'Diaye (Filip, 75), Mihaiu (Corbu, 46), Mrzljak, Fabbrini, Sorescu (Sin, 75), Rodriguez, Popa (Moldoveanu, 61).

Yellow cards: Fernandes, 34 (unsporting behaviour) – N'Diaye, 34 (unsporting behaviour).

Referees: Barba, Gallardo, Haserfaty (all Spain).

22 January 2020. Spain. Marbella. Dama de Noche Football Centre. Overcast. 12 degrees. 50 spectators.

FC Krasnodar held its first scrimmage of the winter training camps in the context of increased workload accumulated in sessions. At the moment the black-greens are building a foundation to the spring part of the season, hence they are training two times per day.

It became the third game of the off-season for the Romanian Dinamo team, and so it was no wonder they looked fresher in the first half. The Bulls could boast a better ball possession ratio, but counterattacks on behalf of the Red Dogs were more dangerous. Early on the 9th minute Daniel Popa attempted a very nasty shot from the centre of the box, but Matvei Safonov saved this one. On the 37th minute the nominal home team scored an opener though. Filip Mrzljak fired another shot from the centre of the box and made the ball enter the top corner of the goal guarded by Safonov.

The coaching staff of the Bulls changed the lineup completely after the half-time. Young Club Academy-trained players appeared on a field of play, led by Andrei Sinitsyn between the sticks and Ari the centre-forward.

Dinamo București couldn’t stand the high-speed football unleashed by the Young Bulls. On the 57th minute Chernikov beat everyone on the right flank and proceeded with a low cross into the goal area. All Nikita Sergeyev had to do was find a right spot and meet the pigskin with his foot. Five minutes later Ari made a break-through along the end-line and passed the ball to Borodin with a little help from a rebound. He was also the one to personally win the second ball and finish it after the first attempt his younger partner had taken. 2-1!

FC Krasnodar began the calendar year with a comeback win. On 26 January, the last day of the first training camp, the black-greens are facing a scrimmage against FK Jablonec from the Czech Republic.