FC Krasnodar Went on Winter Vacations

The Bulls to hold two winter training camps in Spain

On 13 December, the day following the away game with Getafe CF, football players and coaches of FC Krasnodar went on vacations. The team will have 31 days off this winter.

The Bulls will meet again in Krasnodar on 13 January 2020, and then depart to their first training camp of the three on 15 January. The two training camps will be held in Spain: in Estepona from January 15 to 26, and in Marbella from 30 January to 12 February. Two scrimmages are scheduled for the first training camp program (January 22 and 26) and three for the second one (February 2, 7 and 10). The opposing teams for the a/m scrimmages are currently agreed upon and will be announced later.

The team will hold the last training camp from February 13 to 23 with its location and friendly games schedule to be announced later. FC Krasnodar’s next fixture is tentatively scheduled for 1 March (the fixture list of the Russian Premier League for the spring part of the season has yet to be formed). The Bulls will meet FC Ufa in a home game of the RPL’s MD 20.