FC Krasnodar Failed to Break Through Tambov’s Defense

Russian Premier League 2019/20. MD 18. FC Krasnodar 0-0 FC Tambov

FC Krasnodar 0-0 FC Tambov

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Ramírez, Fjóluson, Spajić, Petrov, Vilhena (Olsson, 70), Gazinsky, Wanderson, Ari, Suleymanov (Skopintsev, 60), Berg (Ignatyev, 82).

FC Tambov: Shelia, Kilin (Ciupercă, 56), Oyewole, Takazov, Osipenko, Rybin, Melkadze (Chernyshov, 88), Tetrashvili, Karasyov, Kostyukov (Appayev, 73), Obukhov.

Yellow cards: Suleymanov, 12 (foul play), Spajić, 90+5 (foul play) – Melkadze, 32 (foul play).

Referess: Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg), Safyan (Moscow), Milyuchenko (Saint Petersburg).

2 December 2019. Krasnodar. FC Krasnodar Stadium. Clear. -2 degrees. 15 439 spectators.

In the game against the black-greens FC Tambov parked the bus in a classic way with almost entire team defending in the own box. The Bulls failed to shake these solid defensive ranks in the first half, so they limited themselves to a few shots fired by Shapi from various distances and not that dangerous.

A true scoring chance took place on the 60th minute. Shelia parried the ball in front of him after a strong shot by Gazinsky, and Berg arrived just in time to recover the second ball and fire a salvo from a killing position. Unfortunately for the Bulls, he hit the first goalpost, and no one had a chance to finish the rebound again.

Three minutes later FC Krasnodar stopped short of scoring again. Skopintsev produced a low cross from the left, and Wanderson took a shot from three meters and missed the target a bit. The pressure against the Tambov goal continued until the full-time. The underdogs stood firm though, while the Bulls earned one point and climbed to the third position in the RPL standings.