The Bulls Scored Three Goals against Trabzonspor and Caught Up with Getafe

UEFA Europa League 2019/20. Group stage. MD 4. FC Krasnodar 3-1 Trabzonspor (Turkey)

FC Krasnodar 3-1 (2-0) Trabzonspor

Goals: Asan, own goal, 27 (1-0), Fernandes (Suleymanov), 35 (2-0), Ignatyev (Stotsky), 90+3 (3-0), Nwakaeme, 90+4 (3-1).

FC Krasnodar: Kritsyuk, Ramírez, Spajić, Martynovich, Petrov, Vilhena, Olsson (Kambolov, 77), Stotsky, Manuel Fernandes (Utkin, 63), Suleymanov, Ari (Ignatyev, 66).

Trabzonspor (Turkey): Kardeşler, Ivanildo Fernandes, Campi, Hosseini, Dursun, Erdoğan, Çörekçi (Sarı, 87), Asan, Avdijaj (Nwakaeme, 65), Canbaz, Akpınar (Sørloth, 72).

Yellow cards: Spajić, 19 – Avdijaj, 63, Campi, 64.

Referees:  Bastien, Zakrani, Haquette (all France).

7 November 2019. Krasnodar. FC Krasnodar Stadium. Clear. 13 degrees. 21 669 spectators.

For the MD 4 game of the UEL group stage Trabzonspor fielded the squad that should be rightfully called an experimental one, if not their second. Compared to the game in Trabzon two weeks ago, eight players have changed of the eleven in the starting lineup. And yet, the Karadeniz Fırtınası played rather aggressively in the opening, and mid through the first half they came close to scoring an opener when Avdijaj failed to shoot the ball properly from seven meters.

FC Krasnodar punished the visitors for that. A lengthy combination on behalf of the Bulls in the midfield resulted in a pass by Olsson to Fernandes. The Portuguese player took a shot at the far corner, so the pigskin bounced off Serkan Asan and flew into the net next to the first pole.

The second goal was not slow in coming either, and it came out very spectacular. On the 35th minutes Ari flicked the ball with a sole of his foot, and it seemed as if Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov was then taking a true shot from the corner of the box. What he really did was providing a strong pass to that same Manuel Fernandes who sent the ball into the net with his heel. 2-0!

Soon after the half-time the Bulls could have totally made the score big, but miraculously, Kardeşler saved the ball on its way to the corner of the goal after a header by Spajić. On another occasion Utkin failed to meet a cross by Shapi from a free kick. As a result, Ivan Ignatyev became the author of the third goal after making good use of a high cross by Stotsky from a corner kick on the 3rd minute of the injury time. In the time that remained the Turkish team was merely able to shorten the gap a bit when Nwakaeme fired a shot into the far corner from outside the penalty area.

After this second consecutive win in the UEFA Europa League FC Krasnodar caught up with Getage in the standings. The Spanish team lost away in Basel (1-2), hence the fight for the second position in the Group C has gained new life.