The Bulls with One Man Down Failed to Finish FC Orenburg Off

Russian Premier League 2019/20. MD 14. FC Krasnodar 1-1 FC Orenburg

FC Krasnodar 1-1 (1-1) FC Orenburg

Goals: Despotović, 32 (0-1), Fernandes (Suleymanov), 43 (1-1).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Ramírez, Fjóluson, Martynovich, Petrov, Vilhena, Olsson (Kambolov, 71), Fernandes (Stotsky, 82), Utkin (Berg, 64), Suleymanov, Ari.

FC Orenburg: Klimovich, Radaković, Ayupov, Rogić (Černych, 69), Miškić, Despotović, Alves (Afonin, 90+1), Malykh, Terekhov, Zotov, Shakhov.

Yellow card: Despotović, 19 (foul play).

Red card: Berg, 80 (hit an opponent with studs in a duel).

Referees: Matyunin (Moscow), Vereteshkin (Saint Petersburg), Khatuev (Grozny).

27 October 2019. Krasnodar. FC Krasnodar Stadium. Clear. 13 degrees. 30638 Spectators.

The hasteless beginning of the game with a few half-chances on behalf of FC Krasnodar suddenly turned into an opener scored by the Orenburg team. The visitors got lucky in this episode though. Rogić took a shot off target after a pass by Alves, but the ball arrived to Đorđe Despotović instead of leaving the pitch. Ramírez was able to block the first shot of the Serbian player at the goal-line, but the latter finally sent the ball into the net on a second attempt.

The Bulls began playing more aggressively and managed to score an equalizer before the half-time. Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov made a run with the ball on the right flank and provided a classy pass between the Orenburg defenders. Manuel Fernandes received the pigskin and proceeded with a one-touch shot on goal. The score became 1-1. It should be noted, it was the first game of the Krasnodar Portuguese striker in the starting eleven.

The Bulls had an upper hand in the second half and created some chances to score a winning goal. Fernandes lacked only a heartbeat to arrive to a rendezvous with Klimovich on the 61st minute. A few seconds later Ari did exactly that, but he mishandled the ball and his shot came out weak. Immediately after that FC Orenburg retaliated with a super dangerous shot by Rogić that hit the goalpost.

On the 80th minute Matyunin the ref considered a duel collision of Berg with one of the Orenburg players as a foul worthy of a direct red card. Even with a man down the black-greens went on fighting for a win, but their pressure against the opposite goal at the death proved unsuccessful. FC Krasnodar has never yet beaten FC Orenburg in the RPL matches, and this tradition stayed unchanged tonight.