The Bulls Have Won a Trophy with a 100 Percent Result

2019 Parimatch Premier Cup. MD 3. FC Spartak Moscow 1-2 FC Krasnodar

FC Spartak Moscow 1-2 (0-1) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Kambolov, 38 (Olsson, 0-1), Z. Bakayev, 61 (Lomovitsky, 1-1), Ari, 62 (Petrov, 1-2).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Petrov (Ivashin, 84), Martynovich, Spajić, Stotsky, Kambolov (Golubev, 60), Vilhena (Suleymanov, 46), Olsson (Utkin, 66), Namli (Spertsyan, 66), Wanderson (Khalnazrov, 72), Ari (Ignatyev, 66).

FC Spartak Moscow: Maksimenko, Dzhikiya, Kutepov, Rasskazov (Yeshchenko, 72), Ignatov (Ananidze, 57), Melgarejo (Tashayev, 77), Fernando, Zobnin, Z. Bakayev (S. Bakayev, 72), Hanni (Lomovitsky, 57), Ponce (Adriano, 57).

Yellow cards: Fernando, 41 (attack breakdown), Dzhikiya, 50 (foul play), Zobnin, 51 (unsporting behaviour) – Spajić, 51 (unsporting behaviour), Golubev, 78 (foul play).

Referees: Jäger, Kühr, Riedel (all Austria).

4 July 2019. Austria. Pöllau. Sparkassen Stadion Pöllau. Cloudy. 22 degrees. 800 spectators.

In the closing match of the 2019 Parimatch Premier Cup FC Krasnodar and FC Spartak Moscow were competing for the trophy of the tournament. The first half was a fair contest with both teams betting heavily on attack and scoring a goal each. The goal of the Moscow team was canceled because of the offside, and rightfully so, while the black-greens scored one by the book and in a very beautiful way. On the 38th minute Olsson sent the ball to Ruslan Kambolov in the opposite box with a delicate hidden pass, and the Krasnodar rookie proceeded with a powerful shot under the crossbar of Maksimenko’s domain.

With one hour of the game played the Red-Whites made the score 1-1 in an equally spectacular way. Zelimkhan Bakayev fired the ball into the top corner of the net with a mighty salvo close to the corner of the penalty area. The tied score did not last more than a minute though. The Bulls immediately launched a classy combination on the right that reached its punchline when Suleymanov lured opposing players towards him and passed the ball to Petrov. The latter then centered the ball with a low cross, and Ari finally finished it with a well-calculated shot and a bounce on the goalpost.

This scored goal proved decisive in bringing a win to the team led by Murad Musayev. As a result, FC Krasnodar won all of its Parimatch Premier Cup games effectively collecting maximum possible points and gaining the trophy of the said tournament.