A Big Win in a Southern Derby in Austria

2019 Parimatch Premier Cup. MD 2. FC Krasnodar 3-0 FC Rostov

FC Krasnodar 3-0 (1-0) FC Rostov

Goals: Ari, 37, penalty kick (1-0), Utkin, 61 (Suleymanov, 2-0), Khalnazarov, 83 (Ignatyev, 3-0).

FC Krasnodar: Sinitsyn, Petrov (Stotsky, 46), Martynovich (Golubev, 62), Spajić (Kambolov, 46), Skopintsev (Ivashin, 71), Fjóluson (Gritsayenko, 62), Olsson (Utkin, 46), Namli (Vilhena, 71), Wanderson (Khalnazarov, 62), Suleymanov (Spertsyan, 62), Ari (Ignatyev, 46).

FC Rostov (Rostov-on-Don): Pesyakov, Mamin (Cherkes, 46), Sigurðsson (Wilusz, 46), Chernov (Hadžikadunić, 46), Chistyakov (Logashov, 46), Glebov (Gațcan, 46), Eremenko (Veber, 46), Popov (Zuyev, 46), Ionov (Kh. Bayramyan, 46), Poloz (Saplinov, 46), Shomurodov (Ennin, 46).

Yellow cards: Martynovich, 22 (attack breakdown) – Veber, 47 (attack breakdown).

Referees: Ciochirca, Trampusch, Weist (all Austria).

30 June 2019. Austria. Pöllau. Sparkassen Stadion Pöllau. Cloudy. 29 degrees. 500 spectators.

FC Krasnodar met FC Rostov, a neighbor team from the Russian Premier League, in the MD2 game of the Parimatch Premier Cup making it look like a Southern Derby in Austria. The black-greens attacked more aggressively and dangerously than their opponents in the first half. The Austrian referee had three obvious reasons to call for a penalty kick against the Rostov-on-Don team, but he did it only once. Some Rostov player knocked down Olsson (celebrating his 24th birthday, by the way) in his own box as the latter was rushing towards the opposite goal. Pesyakov the keeper guessed right the corner of the net Ari shot the ball into and even touched it with his fingertips, but he could not save it.

Both squads underwent significant changes after the half-time interval, but the Krasnodar players went on imposing conditions on a field of play anyway. A second goal was scored after an hour of the game when Skopintsev earned a free kick on the left flank. It was executed, and Suleymanov served the ball softly into the Rostov penalty area that was met there by Daniil Utkin, who then sent it into the bottom corner of Pesyakov’s domain with a header. The score was made final on the 83rd minute after a point-blank shot by young Rustam Khalnazarov and a wonderful assist by Ignatyev, who had carried the ball to the opposite box across half a pitch. As a result, the Bulls won big today and became the leaders in the Parimatch Premier Cup standings, so now they have a good chance of winning the named tournament.