The Bulls Win the First Game of the Pre-Season Cup after a Goal by Their Team Captain

2019 Parimatch Premier Cup. MD 1. FC Krasnodar 1-0 PFC CSKA Moscow

FC Krasnodar 1-0 (1-0) PFC CSKA Moscow

Goal: Martynovich, 45+1 (Wanderson, 1-0).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Stotsky (Petrov, 62), Martynovich (Fjóluson, 46), Borodin (Gritsayenko, 43), Skopintsev (Goglichidze, 54), Kambolov (Golubev, 46), Utkin (Spertsyan, 46), Namli (Chernikov, 62), Wanderson (Khalnazarov, 46), Suleymanov (Grigoryan, 62), Ari (Ignatyev, 46).

PFC CSKA Moscow: Akinfeev, Chernov, Vasin (Šarlija, 46), Magnússon, Nababkin (Avanesyan, 65), Yefremov, Bijol (Kuchayev, 65), Maradishvili, Oblyakov (Yahov, 65), Chalov (N'Diaye, 65), Nishimura (Vostrikov, 74).

Yellow card: Avanesyan, 75 (foul play).

Referees: Weinberger, Gruber, Nemetz (all Austria).

27 June 2019. Austria. Pöllau. Sparkassen Stadion Pöllau. Cloudy. 32 degrees. 500 spectators.

In the opening match of the Parimatch Premier Cup staged in Austria FC Krasnodar met PFC CSKA Moscow, their long-standing rival in a fight for the RPL medals. The first half was played in equal fight with both teams actively attacking. The Bulls had an upper hand in the beginning, but the Moscow team then launched a few dangerous attacks mid through the first half. The only goal was scored a few seconds to half-time. Wanderson served the ball well from a corner kick, and FC Krasnodar team captain Aleksandr Martynovich jumped the highest and flicked the ball accurately with a header into the bottom corner of Akinfeev’s domain with a bounce on the goalpost.

Murad Musayev substituted all of his outfield players by the 60th minute of the second half, so eight Academy-trained younglings remained on pitch to finish the game, accompanied by three veteran players Petrov, Fjóluson and Gritsayenko. The Young Bulls looked confident enough, hence it was football on equal footing that lasted up to the very full-time. As a result, our team celebrated a minimal 1-0 win.