A Tie in a Scrimmage at the End of the First Pre-Season Training Camp

Friendly game. FC Krasnodar 2-2 FC Chayka Peschanokopskoye

FC Krasnodar 2-2 (1-1) FC Chayka Peschanokopskoye

Goals: Wanderson, 33 (Skopintsev, 1-0), Khokhlachyov, 44 (Podbeltsev, 1-1), Ignatyev, 63, penalty kick (2-1), Chaly, 85 (2-2).

FC Krasnodar: Kritsyuk, Stotsky (Bochko, 46), Gritsayenko (Taranov, 46), Shishkin (Martynov, 46), Skopintsev (Ivashin, 46), Kambolov (Golubev, 46, Yakimov, 74), Spertsyan (Sabua, 46), Namli (Utkin, 46, Grigoryan, 74), Wanderson (Zhigulyov, 46), Suleymanov (Kutovoy, 46), Ari (Ignatyev, 46).

FC Chayka Peschanokopskoye: Arapov (Kiselyov, 46), Demchenko (Kartashov, 46), Grechkin, Shakhtiyev (Teberdiyev, 33), Dubovoy, Mashnyov (Tekuchyov, 69), Korzhunov (Magomedov, 46), Tekuchyov (Chaly, 46), Khokhlachyov (Leontyev, 46), Kramarenko (Gurtsiyev, 69), Podbeltsev (Belous, 46).

Yellow card: Kiselyov, 62 (foul play).

Referees: Yermakov (Krasnodar), R. Koshko (Belorechensk), Gurbanov (Krasnodar).

20 June 2019. Krasnodar. FC Krasnodar Academy Stadium. Clear. 32 degrees. 2 300 spectators.

In the first scrimmage of the pre-season FC Krasnodar met a debutant of the Russian Football National League (a second-tier division), FC Chayka Peschanokopskoye from Rostov Oblast. The friendly game was staged at the Club Academy Stadium and became a logical end to the home training camp of the Bulls. The black-greens played this game with their pre-season workload at its peak. That is to say, the team had even conducted a full training session in the morning of the same day. And yet, in the first half the home team had a big advantage over the opposition and created about a dozen of true scoring chances. The problem was only one of those was used for good. With first hour of the game over the most active player in the first half, Wanderson Maciel, received a pass from Skopintsev. He then proceeded to beat a defender with his fine dribbling and ultimately fired an unsavable shot under the crossbar.

A mistake made by the young player Spertsyan, who lost the ball next to the own penalty area, did not allow the Bulls to win the first half of the match. Aleksandr Khokhlachyov of FC Chayka scored an equalizer on the 44th minute with a mighty shot at close range. For the most part FC Krasnodar-2 players were fielded with the black-greens after the half-time, but the second goal the home team scored was actually created by the two players of the first team. Ilya Zhigulyov earned a penalty kick mid through the second half, and it was duly executed by Ivan Ignatyev. Unfortunately for the Bulls, they failed to bring the scrimmage to a winning end, since another blunder in defense on their behalf allowed the visitors to escape defeat at the death. A turnover in the own half resulted in an accurate shot by Nikita Chaly on the 85th minute that sent the ball into the bottom corner of Kritsyuk’s domain.