The Bulls Are Coming Back from Tula with Medals!

Russian Football Championship 2018/19. MD 29. FC Arsenal Tula 0-3 FC Krasnodar

FC Arsenal Tula 0-3 (0-0) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Petrov, 55 (Claesson, 0-1), Pereyra, 68 (free kick, 0-2), Ari, 82 (Pereyra, 0-3).

FC Arsenal Tula: Levashov, К. Kombarov, Belyayev, Grigalava, Álvarez, Kadiri (Gorbatenko, 63), Kostadinov, Tkachyov, Bakayev, Mirzov, Lesovoy.

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Petrov (Stotsky, 86), Spajić, Martynovich, Ramírez, Kaboré, Gazinsky (Fjóluson, 77), Pereyra, Claesson, Wanderson (Suleymanov, 74), Ari.

Yellow cards: Kostadinov, 67 (foul play) – Kaboré, 59 (unsporting behaviour), Spajić, 60 (foul play), Safonov, 76 (unsporting behaviour).

Referees: Meshkov (Dmitrov), Gavrilin (Vladimir), Minevich (Smolensk).

19 May 2019. Tula. Arsenal Stadium. Cloudy. 22 degrees. 16 500 spectators.

In Tula FC Krasnodar attacked more dangerously and determinedly than their opposition from the very kick-off, but the black-greens were able to convert their chances into scored goals only in the second half. Ten minutes after the interval Sergei Petrov supported one of the attacks, received a timely pass from Claesson and shot the ball into the second corner of Levashov’s goal from ten meters. The second goal was arranged by Mauricio Pereyra. The Uruguayan player made his 200th appearance with the Krasnodar team today, and he commemorated it with earning a free kick that he brilliantly executed by himself. The ball was shot exactly into the top corner of the Tula keeper’s domain. At the death that same Pereyra acted as an assistant. His accurate pass brought Ari the striker to a rendezvous with the goalkeeper, and the score thus became 3-0.

Today FC Krasnodar has achieved this big win and secured the medals of the ongoing Russian Football Championship ahead of time, one matchday to the finish. Next week, on 26 May, it will be decided whether these medals are bronze or silver.