The Black-Greens Have Lost Points in Snowy Khimki

Russian Football Championship 2018/19. MD 23. FC Dynamo Moscow 1-1 FC Krasnodar

FC Dynamo Moscow 1-1 (0-0) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Markov, 77 (Joãozinho, 1-0), Wanderson, 87 (1-1).

FC Dynamo Moscow: Shunin, Morozov (Holmén, 78), Šunjić, Yevgenyev, Kozlov, Yusupov, Sow, Černych (Grulyov, 60), Joãozinho, Markov, Lutsenko.

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Stotsky, Spajić, Martynovich, Skopintsev (Ramírez, 76), Kaboré (Utkin, 66), Gazinsky, Pereyra, Wanderson, Suleymanov (Ignatyev, 46), Claesson.

Yellow cards: Markov, 36 (foul play), Lutsenko, 43 (foul play), Sow, 83 (attack breakdown) – Kaboré, 25 (foul play), Wanderson, 41 (foul play).

Referees: Turbin (Moscow), Bolkhovitin (Leningrad Oblast), Kudryavtsev (Saint Petersburg).

14 April 2019. Khimki. Arena Khimki Stadium. Occasional snow. 4 degrees. 5 873 spectators.

The match staged at the Arena Khimki in cold, snowy weather did not display too much praiseworthy action, and scoring chances were not that frequent either. An opener was scored on the 77th minute by the FC Dynamo player Yevgeni Markov, who took an accurate header making good use of a expert serve that ex-Krasnodar Joãozinho had provided him with after a corner kick. The Bulls scored an equalizing goal ten minutes later. Wanderson Maciel finished the ball sending it into the home team’s net after Pereyra’s shot that had hit a goalpost with a rebound. A few moments to a full-time the black-greens came just short of snatching the win away. Unfortunately for them Shunin saved his team when he parried a header by Claesson at close range. As a result, FC Krasnodar lost both points and the second position in the standings that is now occupied by FC Lokomotiv Moscow.