Ari Has Been Summoned to the Russia National Team for the First Time

Eight FC Krasnodar departed to their national teams in November

The day after the won MD 14 game of the Russian Premier League against FC Yenisey Krasnoyarsk, eight FC Krasnodar players departed to various national teams in order to take part in matches that will be staged under the aegis of FIFA in November 2018.

Three players of our team, midfielder Yury Gazinsky, defender Sergei Petrov and striker Ari were summoned to the Russia national team for a friendly game with Germany (Leipzig, 15 November) and a UEFA Nations League fixture vs. Sweden (Stockholm, 20 November). Ari, who had received the Russian citizenship earlier this year, was invited to the principal national team of our country for the first time. The striker has been displaying comprehensive and efficient football lately that did not go unnoticed by the Team Russia boss Stanislav Cherchesov.

Midfielder Viktor Claesson and his Sweden national team will hold two games of the UEFA Nations League, vs. Turkey away on 17 November and vs. Russia at home on 20 November.

Team Belarus and their centre-back Aleksandr Martynovich are also facing two UEFA Nations League matches. The White Wings will play both games away, against Luxembourg on 15 November and against San Marino on 18 November.

As for Team Serbia and Uroš Spajić the centre-back, they will host two games of the mentioned tournament. The Serbs will meet Montenegro on 17 November and then Lithuania on 20 November.

Jón Guðni Fjóluson, the third centre-back of the Bulls, joined the Iceland national team for an away UEFA Nations League game with Belgium (15 November) and an scrimmage against Qatar (19 November, also away).

Defensive midfielder and team captain of the Burkina Faso national team, Charles Kaboré, will assist Les Étalons in an away game of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualification against Angola that will be held on 18 November.

Photo by the RFU