Happy Anniversary, Coach!

FC Krasnodar Head Coach Oleg Kononov has turned fifty

Oleg Kononov, FC Krasnodar Head Coach, turned fifty on 23 March.

Oleg Kononov was appointed Head Coach of FC Krasnodar on 11 Aug 2013, and he has been in this position for 2 years, 7 months and 13 days. It is interesting that today, precisely on the day of his 50th birthday Oleg Georgiyevich became the Club record-holder for the amount of time spent at this post leaving behind his predecessor, Slavoljub Muslin, who was FC Krasnodar boss from 29 Dec 2010 till 9 Aug 2013 making it 2 years, 7 months and 12 days.

Under the leadership of Oleg Kononov Football Club Krasnodar has played in 111 official fixtures with 60 wins, 27 ties, 24 losses and a goal difference of 191-112. The Kononov-led black-green squad has held 77 games in the Russian Premier League (40 wins, 20 ties, 17 losses, 123-79 goals, 140 points), 10 games in the Russian Cup (8 wins, 1 tie, 1 loss, 22-7 goals) and 24 games in the UEFA Europa League (12 wins, 6 ties, 6 losses, 46-36 goals).

With Oleg Kononov FC Krasnodar has achieved a good many outstanding victories and reached the highest results in its history winning the bronze medals of the Russian Football Championship and going as far as the Russian Cup final and UEFA Europa League knockout stage while Oleg Georgiyevich himself was acknowledged as Coach of the Year for the Russian Championship 2014/2015.

The whole FC Krasnodar crew wishes Oleg Georgiyevich a good health that is absolutely necessary in a hard work of coaching, energy, optimism, new professional successes and great achievements at the helm of the black-green squad. Stay the same victory-oriented and goal-seeking person for many years to come!

Happy anniversary, Coach!