Media Accreditation Rules for FC Krasnodar matches in the UEFA Europa League 2015/16

The accreditation applications must be submitted for every single match of FC Krasnodar in the UEFA Europa League. Application deadlines are specified in the news articles that are published on the home page of the Club website. The applications are usually received until 15.00 (MSK) of Friday on the week preceding the matchday, i.e. 6 days before the match.

Procedure for submitting the accreditation applications:

The application addressed to the Director General of FC Krasnodar is formalized in the form of a letter with a company letterhead, duly sealed and signed by its head (manager). The application must include full last name, first name and patronymic of the media representatives as well as their positions (editor, journalist, reporter, photographer, cameraman, etc.).

The scanned application form, duly sealed and signed by the head (manager), must be sent to the following e-mail address: Photos of persons listed in the application form are not required.

It is recommended that the accreditation application of a media entity that is filing such an application for the first time is supplemented with a summary on the relevant entity with the following key points declared:

Circulation, periodicity and region of distribution for the written media; general orientation of a web resource and an average estimation of the unique visitors for the web media; periodicity and duration of a radio program for the radio companiesAll media types must also state their planned periodicity and volume of the published material related to performance of FC Krasnodar in the UEFA Europa League 2015/16. The summary on the media entity must be sent by e-mail along with the application form.

Please note that the accreditation cards received by photographers and cameramen will be different from those designed for the journalists of the written medial. These accreditation cards will provide the bearers with a right to conduct photo and video shooting in the designated areas. We also inform that the TV companies with the Club accreditation, but lacking the broadcasting rights for the UEFA Europa League matches, have the right to carry out shooting only outside the stadium bowl. Representatives of these companies are strictly prohibited to carry video cameras into the bowl with them. For the duration of the match the mentioned video cameras can be left at the specially equipped storage room by the stadium press centre.

The number for the available accreditation cards is limited.

TV company: 1 reporter + 1 cameraman.

Printed press: 1 journalist + 1 photographer.

Radio station: 1 reporter.

News agency, web portal: 1 journalist + 1 photographer.

By prior agreement, a higher amount of the accreditation cards can be issued only to the specialized football (sports) media or TV channels that produce the specialized programs.

The following benefits are guaranteed to the bearer of the accreditation:

1. Admission to the Kuban Stadium or the stadiums where FC Krasnodar will be staging its away games on the matchdays of the EUFA Europa League-2015/2016 with a right to work in the designated areas.

2. Receipt of a starting match sheet.

3. The right to take part in the pre-match and post-match press conferences with the head coaches (managers) of the teams.

4. An opportunity to communicate with the players after the full-time in the specially equipped mixed zones.

We will in due time inform on the time and places of issuance of the accreditation cards for every single match of FC Krasnodar in the UEFA Europa League on the home page of our official Club website. The information message will appear 2 or 3 days prior to the date of the next match.

Phone for inquiries:

+7(861) 210-89-90 – Club office.