Third Win of the Bulls at the Training Camps

Second training camp. Friendly game. FC Krasnodar 3-1 Malmö FF

FC Krasnodar 3-1 (0-0, 2-0) Malmö FF

Goals: Vorotnikov (Utkin), 68 (1-0), Utkin (Borodin), 72 (2-0), Borodin, 102 (3-0), Rakip, 116 (3-1).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov (Kritsyuk, 61), Ramirez (Ivashin, 61), Fjóluson (Borodin, 57), Martynovich (Martynov, 61), Petrov (Bochko, 61), Vilhena (Chernikov, 61), Olsson (Vorotnikov, 61), Fernandes (Utkin, 61), Sergeyev (Matsukatov, 61), Suleymanov (Kutovoy, 61), Ari (Berg, 61).

Malmö FF (Sweden): Dahlin (Nilsson, 61), Safari (Knudsen, 61), Rieks (Andersson, 61), Thelin (Nielsen, 61), Traustason (Larsson, 61), Christiansen (Innocent, 61), Ahmedhodžić (Gall, 61), Bengtsson (Berget, 61), Bachirou (Rakip, 61), Nalić (Molins, 61), Lewicki (Antonsson, 61).

Yellow card: Matsukatov, 93.

Referees: Eskaas, Knutsen, Ytterland (all Norway).

2 February 2020. Spain. Marbella. Estadio Municipal de Marbella. Clear. 18 degrees. 120 spectators.

A scrimmage against Malmö FF was the first friendly game of the second training camp in Spain. As agreed with the opposition, the game was played in a 120-minute format. The playing time was distributed among halves (or periods) almost as if in a knockout match, i.e. 45+45+30. The idea was for every player to spend sixty minutes on a field of play with both teams substituting the whole first eleven.

The starting lineups played their time in a very conservative way with scoring chances happening rarely next to both goals. Sergeyev was the one to get the best chance for an opener on the 39th minute. He received a sharp pass from Olsson and took a biting shot on the second corner of the net with a defender marking him tight, and he missed just barely.

The massive rotation in the second period swung the pendulum to favor the Bulls. On the 68th minute Ilya Vorotnikov escaped an opponent next to the 18-yard line with a single motion and shot the ball into the net. In one of the attacks that followed Borodin met the ball served from a corner kick and redirected it to the second pole, where Daniil Utkin made the score double.

In the extra time the teams traded scored goals. At first, it was that same Sergei Borodin who converted another corner kick into a goal. This time the black-green proceeded with a combination, and the centre-back finished the rebound after the first attempt by Berg. And yet, the Swedes ultimately escaped a big defeat. Erdal Rakip was allowed to take a shot from the centre of the box, and the ball bounced past Kritsyuk.

It has been the third scrimmage of FC Krasnodar at the winter training camps. All of them were won. As a reminder, previously the Bulls had beaten Dinamo București and FK Jablonec with the same 2-1 score.