The Bulls Did Not Make It to the UEL Knock-Outs

UEFA Europa League 2019/20. Group stage. MD 6. Getafe CF 3-0 FC Krasnodar

Getafe CF 3-0 (0-0) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Cabrera (Mata), 76, Molina, 79, Kenedy (Timor), 86.

Getafe CF (Spain): Soria, Nyom, Cabrera, Djené, Suárez, Cucurella, Maksimović, Arambarri (Timor, 82), Jason (Kenedy, 68), Mata, Ángel (Molina, 73).

FC Krasnodar: Kritsyuk, Ramírez (Skopintsev, 75), Spajić, Martynovich, Petrov, Gazinsky, Vilhena, Wanderson, Ignatyev (Utkin, 69), Suleymanov (Namli, 62), Berg.

Yellow cards: Suárez, 26 – Martynovich, 14, Gazinsky, 26, Spajić, 43.

Red card: Martynovich, 88 (2nd yellow card).

Referees: Siebert, Seidel, Häcker (all Germany).

12 December 2019. Spain. Getafe. Coliseum Alfonso Pérez Stadium. Windy, occasional rain. 9 degrees. 9389 spectators.

The tournament opportunities before the final matchday of the UEFA Europa League group stage looked explicit. In order to qualify for the UEL knock-outs, the Bulls required a win in Getafe. Any winning score would do. A different result meant they would be out of the tournament, since in case of a draw and an equal amount of points with the Spanish team the latter would qualify instead due to better results in the group matches played among the two teams.

The weather events had plagued the black-greens throughout their trip to the away venue. The flight to Madrid from Krasnodar was cancelled because of the thick fog, so the departure point was moved to Anapa. A rain with gusts of strong wind that had begun over the Estadio Coliseum Alfonso Pérez by the kick-off time was not a pleasant weather either. It stopped raining midway through the first half, but the wind still remained.

At the moment Getafe Club de Fútbol can boast one of the best defenses in Europe. The Azulones are leading among the Old World’s league representatives on average amount of shots allowed to be taken (7.1). There is no wonder why in the first thirty minutes the Bulls failed to create any solid chances. The zones were locked tight.

The black-green succeeded with their first strike on the 32nd minute. Petrov served a powerful cross from the right, and as Berg took a dive in order to meet it, he missed his chance just barely. Getafe retaliated with a super dangerous performance by Jaime Mata who attempted three finishing shots in a single episode, but Kritsyuk and defenders staved off the threat.   

The interval between minutes 76 and 79 became fatal for the Krasnodar team. A corner kick was served at first, Mata corrected the path of the ball a bit, and Leandro Cabrera finally sent the pigskin into the second corner of the net. A few minutes later Jorge Molina turned another high cross into the second goal. The score was made big on the 86th minute by Kenedy who fired the ball on target next to the first pole with a shot from outside the box.

FC Krasnodar now had to score four goals, a task that proved too difficult to achieve. As a result, the Bulls finished third in the Group C with 9 points earned and ended their UEFA Europa League campaign this season.