First Win Achieved in the UEFA Europa League 2019/20

UEFA Europa League 2019/20. Group stage. MD 3. Trabzonspor (Turkey) 0-2 FC Krasnodar

Trabzonspor 0-2 (0-0) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Berg, 49, Vilhena (Ari), 90+2.

Trabzonspor (Turkey): Çakır, Novák, Campi (Canbaz, 83), Ivanildo Fernandes, Pereira, Sosa, Nwakaeme, Parmak (Avdijaj, 72), Çörekçi (Erdoğan, 68), Sarı, Sørloth.

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Ramírez, Spajić, Martynovich, Petrov, Kambolov (Fjóluson, 76), Vilhena, Stotsky (Manuel Fernandes, 62), Olsson, Suleymanov, Berg (Ari, 70).

Yellow cards: Pereira, 49, Sosa, 54, Ivanildo Fernandes, 78 – Olsson, 29, Spajić, 31, Ramírez, 63.

Referees: Lechner, Heidenreich, Kolbitsch (all Austria).

24 October 2019. Turkey. Trabzon. Şenol Güneş Stadium. Clear. 18 degrees.

After two losses against Basel and Getafe the black-greens now had to win the away game in Trabzon at all costs. Three points earned in a clash with Trabzonspor would bring the Bulls back to a fight for the UEL knockout stage, while any other result made FC Krasnodar status in the group standings critical.

The visitors could have totally scored early on the 10th minute. Petrov sped the attack up on the right flank and passed the ball to Olsson. The shot taken by the Swede was blocked, but then Magomed-Shapi Suleymanov arrived in a second wave of the attack and fired another shot into the top-far corner of the net. The crossbar saved the Trabzon team. It was time for Safonov to work hard after this, and before the half-time interval he was forced to enter the game seriously due to a series of shots from various distances.

The Bulls scored an opener on the 49th minute, and it was done in a stylish way. Olsson sent Petrov into a break-through along the right mid-flank, so the latter handled the ball and provided a well-calculated pass to Marcus Berg. The Swedish striker then scored a goal on his second attempt. Mid-through the second half FC Krasnodar barely missed doubling their lead. Vilhena shot the ball a bit off target after a delicate pass by Fernandes. On another occasion Shapi arrived to a rendezvous with Çakır and tried to roll the ball towards the second pole, where Sosa defused the situation making the scoring chance null and void.

And yet, the black-greens did score the second goal tonight. Late in the injury time Tonny Vilhena and Ari launched and instantaneous combination that allowed the Dutchman to bury the Karadeniz Fırtınası with a shot into the far corner. The Bulls thus achieved their first win in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League 2019/20, and they are still in a fight to qualify for the Round of 32.