The Bulls Lost Big in Basel

UEFA Europa League 2019/20. Group stage. MD 1. FC Basel (Switzerland) 5-0 FC Krasnodar

FC Basel 5-0 (2-0) FC Krasnodar

Goals: Bua, 9, Bua, 40, Zuffi, 52, Vilhena, 55, own goal, Okafor, 79.

FC Basel (Switzerland): Omlin, Petretta, Alderete, Cömert, Widmer, Xhaka, Bua, Frei, Zuffi (Campo, 81), Stocker (Okafor, 58), Cabral (Riveros, 66).

FC Krasnodar: Safonov, Ramírez, Spajić, Martynovich, Petrov, Vilhena, Kambolov (Utkin, 46), Olsson (Namli, 60), Wanderson, Suleymanov, Ignatyev (Berg, 67).

Yellow cards: Stocker, 51 – Martynovich, 64.

Referees: Gestranius, Aravirta, Alakare (all Finland).

19 September 2019. Switzerland. Basel. St. Jakob Park Stadium. Clear. 13 degrees. 14 127 spectators.

The opening match of the UEFA Europa League group stage took place on one of those game evenings when everything goes well for one party, while another one keeps failing to capitalize on its scoring chances. It turned out FC Krasnodar found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It became the second game in a row for the Bulls to concede an early opener. On the 9th minute an inaccurate pass by Martynovich helped Kevin Bua to arrive to a one-on-one situation with Safonov and shoot the ball past the Krasnodar keeper.

FC Krasnodar had a lot of chances for an equalizer in the first half, but the two shots from afar by Kambolov could have been just a bit more accurate. Ignatyev, Martynovich and Wanderson failed to shoot on goal from prospective positions, too. The best scoring chance was created by Kristoffer Olsson on his own on the 27th minute, when he took the ball away on the flank and went inside the box. The shot taken by the Swede was blocked by a Basel defender in the very last moment, and their goalie Jonas Omlin then reacted well to a finishing shot attempted by Suleymanov.

A few minutes to the half-time interval the home team succeeded in another raid along the centre. It was Bua again, doing everything flawlessly during a rendezvous with Safonov. 2-0 after the first half with the RotBlau leading.

The black-greens created a super ideal chance to turn the course of the game on the 52nd minute. Wanderson unleashed pressing against the Basel defensive midfield and rolled the ball to Suleymanov on the run. It seemed as if the latter was sure to score, but Omlin managed to parry both this shot and another one that Ignatyev followed up with. A retaliatory attack was launched by Basel, and Zuffi caught a lucky rebound making the score big. It became even worse for the visitors a couple of minutes later, when Vilhena scored an own goal and the score became 4-0.

The fifth goal was scored by Okafor. The episode looked similar to the one when Dzuffi scored his goal, and there was no way for Safonov to cope with that accurate shot under the crossbar from twelve meters. Ultimately, if one considers performance of the Bulls throughout the match, they probably did not deserve such a devastating defeat, but it was exactly what they got in the end.